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Civil Engineering Materials 2. 10 credits. Module convenor

Fundamental properties of cement concrete, asphalt concrete, masonry and timber. Sustainability issues concerning

  • Cement concrete - composition, specification and performance

  • Masonry - mechanical and physical properties, structural behaviour

  • Timber - composition, mechanical properties, structural behaviour

Sustainability in civil engineering materials

On successfully completing the module, students will:

·  have knowledge of the composition, structural behaviour, and durability of concrete, masonry and timber

·  be able to carry out a concrete mix design to satisfy strength, durability and workability requirements, to make the concrete and manufacture samples for testing

·  be able to carry out fundamental design in structural brickwork and structural timber, and be aware of the relationships between material properties and structural behaviour

Highway Infrastructure Engineering. 20 credits. Module convenor, 50% with Dr Nick Thom

This module studies the application of the core transportation infrastructure engineering principles specifically to the highway field. Three major areas are included: Highway alignment, pavement engineering and infrastructure maintenance. Coverage includes design of highway layouts, concentrating on the effects of number of lanes and also junction design; design of pavement structures and surfaces using different techniques and materials together with the deterioration mechanisms involved; maintenance/preservation methods to ensure that paved roadway surfaces, bridges, tunnels and roadsides last longer and perform better. The module aims at developing an understanding of the aspects necessary for the successful implementation of design, construction and maintenance management in highway engineering. Students will explore methods and techniques for optimising inspection, assessment and management processes, including daily maintenance operations of a local highway authority, and challenges during winter periods. Use will be made of common pragmatic techniques used in industry practice together with fundamental approaches 

BEng Individual Investigative Project. Contributor. 2014-217

Investigative Project. Contributor. 2014-217

Transportation Infrastructure Design Workshop. Contributor. 2017

Transportation Infrastructure Project Planning. Contributor. 2017

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